Dine in Style in Glasgow

Hello there, I’m Seamus MacInnes, and you’re in Café Gandolfi. We opened in 1979, so we’ve been here for over 30 years. At that first stage, we were the only kind of restaurant in this area. Now, there’s a plethora of choice. This was the offices of the cheese market, and the building surrounding us was the cheese market. We have decided to do an awful lot of Scottish dishes. It’s just the food I like. We have it at home, so I have it in my restaurant. They say, when in Rome, so when in Glasgow, you have to come to Gandolfi.

We started this project two years ago, when we engaged with the National Trust of Scotland, who are the landlords of the building. Looked around, got the goosebumps, and said, “Yep, we can make this one of the most awesome restaurants in Glasgow, if not Scotland, if not the UK, if not the world.”

We are very, very simple in what we do. We use classic Scottish produce, from our seafood, to our steak, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter where you are from the world, you will be welcomed no matter where you go. I think Merchant City, as an area, really encapsulates that real feeling.

Everything is designed for sharing, so it’s all small plates. We’ve got a street food selection, which is all designed to be eaten with your hands. We’ve also got some classic Mexican dishes. Obviously, I’m not from Glasgow, I’m not a Glaswegian, but I love this area, it’s got a fantastic buzz about it, never been anywhere like it, really.

We’re at our wee restaurant eatery place at 186 West Regent Street. My place is stuff I grew up eating. It’s all lots of flavors coming together the one time. You just don’t get it anywhere else in Scotland, forget Glasgow. You don’t get it anywhere else. I have had an amazing experience here, in Glasgow, and it’s one of the places where you can find so many different restaurants, with so many different flavors. It’s fantastic.

The Sisters restaurant has been now in Glasgow for 17 years. We offer good old fashioned, maybe, what your granny made speeded right up into the 21st century. The Scotch beef, the Scottish lamb, we’re absolutely spoiled. I would like people to think, walking into The Sisters, it’s like going to your friend’s house for tea. It is originally an old tenement flat. I’ve just done up the living room.

Finnieston, at the moment, is buzzing. It’s nothing like it was, say, a year and a half, two years before. There’s lots of exciting restaurants, bars, popping up all over the place now. It’s all based on solid technique. All our main ingredients on the menu will be Scottish. I’m talking about our hand dived scallops, or our beautiful venison, but also our lamb, and our pork. We’re not a quiet hush-hush sort of place, and neither is Glasgow. It’s all about hustle and bustle here, and it’s quality, as well. I think you get quality from people, you get quality from our food.