Glasgow Cathedrals hidden Graveyard !

Alrighty YouTube, another one of Cip’s Clips.

I thought I’d show you one of the other hidden wee areas of Glasgow, if you want. If you look behind me, that is Glasgow Cathedral. I’m just the other side of where the bridge is to the Necropolis, and that is Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

Now this is just a wee hidden, let me show you, hidden graveyard, look. But in all honesty, it is a hidden graveyard. And if I swing yous around [inaudible 00:00:48]. I’ll give yous a quick shift [inaudible 00:00:53]. Imagine back in the day, because obviously everything, the Cathedral was there originally, [inaudible 00:01:03] goes back to the 19th and 18th century. Obviously, I would say obviously. I would assume [inaudible 00:01:13] as well. I haven’t actually dated every single one of them. These are newer sections. I couldn’t actually stick a date on them, but as you go up there, that is the original [inaudible 00:01:28] and you can literally get to the far side of this graveyard.

“Thriller!” See art students and all that they could come down here, and film all their fuckin’ Thriller stuff, and… oh my God! I kid you- oh no! It looks like I’m doing a Kev Baker. It was just the wind, blowing that bit of metal. I didn’t actually manipulate it myself though. Look, see. It’s doing it again. It’s the ghost! It’s the ghost of the gag post, with the most… fucking hell, you’re walking over sarcophaguses everywhere you go here.

Imagine though, [inaudible 00:02:07]. Those stupid trees blowing. Honestly, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be a tree’s friend, a truly London man. Every so often you can see that shit. But anyway, you can really get a good view of it. Let me get back in the middle. Let me go back to the… hold on. This is a good place to give me a view of the Cathedral. And even… hopefully you’ll even get it in contrast now. Imagine those big cabins and all the fuckin’ what not, was not there.

“Smooth operator!” Yeah, this fuckin’ tri-pod needs a bit of fuckin’ WD40. That’s for sure. It’s horrible. But you get a good idea. Get a genuinely, good wee idea of the cathedral, and it’s hidden wee graveyard. I’ve hidden round here out of sight, I’m going to be up to the necropolis and show you the Knight’s Templar’s stuff up there. It doesn’t move and then you fuckin’ tighten it up and it fuckin’ moves.

Alright YouTube, catch yous. Hee-ho-ha-hee.

Alrigty, YouTube, another one of Cip’s Clips.

So we’ve all wanted to see what’s inside- well, like all we guys, we like to take things apart, so you know how they’re made and all that, right? But, long story short, here I am, Glasgow Cathedral. Doesn’t sound like it though. There’s the necropolis up there. There’s the Knight’s Templar Monument, or Gino Macarino. Just realized I need to… ah, got it. Fixed it. And there we go. That’s the Knight’s Templar. That looks like the… I’ve got it written down. The Knight’s Templar Church in Jerusalem. The one that they’re all modeled after, the circular shape, that I was showing yous yesterday. And, what’ve we got here? One of these graves that’s actually, I hope it’s just fell in accidentally. I hope it’s… but, still pretty cool to be able to actually get to look inside it. ‘Cause all the muck goes inside it, all the shit goes inside it, and then it’s always got the shiny façade. Like everything. Like the Pyramid’s I suppose, isn’t it? We can have a wee shifty inside. Hold on. I’m getting paranoid. I think those guys are laughing at this stupid guy filming graveyards and all that. Shall I stick a camera in their face? Nah. Fuck them. I’m having more fun than they could ever imagine you could in a graveyard. I’ve had more fun than they could ever imagine you could in a graveyard. The necropolis is going to be good.

But anyways. Catch you YouTube.

Alrighty, YouTube, another one of Cip’s Clips. Skull and bones, and an obelisk. But I just wanted to show you… for me as well. If yous watched the earlier video I put up, of the graveyard on the other side. That was that round there. They were the cabins I seen. And there’s… I’m paraphrasing a wee bit here and I might be wrong, but I think I’m right. I think that’s the old fuckin’ priests’ house. It’s where they all used to stay, I do believe. Maybe you’ll get some idea of how it’s built on a slope, so when you enter it, it’s one level, and as you walk out the back it goes down to a different one. So you can only imagine what’s underneath there that you don’t want to go into. And I will imagine, I do imagine. And there’s the round Knight’s Templar Church, I mean, Evangelical Church. Although, you can clearly see on the top of it, not from here right enough, but I will show you, and I’ll also show you the monument where the Knight’s Templar stood things on it.

Well they’ve re-paved bits and bobs. Happy days.

Catch yous, YouTube.