Haunted Places in Glasgow Cathedral House Hotel Glasgow Ghosts

This is probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a bit scary. Hey guys, thanks for tuning into Amy’s crypt. I am currently in the Cathedral House Hotel which is known to be the most haunted hotel in all of Glasgow, Scotland. I’ll be spending the night here and doing a paranormal investigation. So, stay tuned, but first, let’s go over some history and ghost stories. This hotel was built back in 1877 and has a very interesting history that was linked to the nearby Duke Street Prison. The Cathedral House Hotel actually functioned as a sort or hostel for the newly released inmates, from that prison, to stay at.

It is said that the Duke Street Prison, back in those days, was a truly notorious place. It had truly appalling living conditions. It also saw many executions, including the hanging of the last woman to be executed in Scotland, back in 1923. Today, the Duke Street Prison no longer exists. It was demolished back in 1958. Though, one of its walls still stands in very close proximity to this hotel and its thought to have a ghost or two connected to it, like the women that has been seen to suddenly appear and then disappear, right near that very wall.

One of the most commonly reported ghosts here, at the hotel, is that of a little boy, who usually hangs around on the main staircase of the property and has been known to touch people as the walk up and down the stairs. He’s also been sighted in the downstairs bar area, running through the bar area, and then disappearing through a wall. Other children also thought to haunt the hotel. It is rumored that a woman actually drowned two of her own small children, in a bathtub, on the upper floor. Ever since their deaths, people believe that they have stuck around to haunt the hotel. They’ve been seen and heard giggling and playing, usually, up on the upper floors.

The Cathedral House Hotel is thought to be a very, very haunted place. There’s been numerous ghost sights. People have also sighted light anomalies and have experienced poltergeist activity, with a chair moving across the room here. Disembodied voices and whispers all throughout the hotel are also said to be extremely common. What’s even creepier is this hotel is right across the road from the Glasgow Necropolis, which is also thought to be another very haunted place within Glasgow. I’ll be checking out that cemetery during my stay here in Glasgow, so make sure to hit subscribe If you do wanna see a video on that location.

Anyway, I am really excited to be spending the night here with you and I can’t wait to take you for a look around, so let’s go.

Hey guys, I am currently sitting on my bed in room number two, where I am staying here at the Cathedral House Hotel. I might try a spirit box session in here and see if there is any spirits around wishing to communicate.

Hi, my name is Amy. Are there any spirits in this room with me that wish to talk?

Good Evening. Good Evening. Good Evening. Good Evening.

Are you able to come close and tell me your name? Why are you at this hotel?

Hiding. Hiding. Hiding. Hiding.

Are you from Glasgow or are you from somewhere else? How old are you?

Forty. Forty. Forty. Forty.

Are there any children around? Where are you from?

Alright guys, I am in the downstairs bar area of the Cathedral House Hotel. Behind me is the front entry way, there’s some cool artifacts hanging around like the gargoyles above the entrance and there’s a skull over here too. A lot of music memorabilia, posters on the walls, so it’s a pretty cool hangout spot, but there’s supposed to be a bit of paranormal activity that happens here. Just from these doors here, are the, is the haunted stair case and the little boy that haunts and hangs around that area has also been seen in here. He has been seen walking and running through this sort of walk way here, straight through this wall here.

Also, a lot of disembodied voices and whispers that are heard in this area. Earlier I was talking to one of the bar staff and she told me that this landing up here is quite interesting, where sometimes people will hear voices as if someone is sitting up there having a drink or having a meal, but there’s no one up there. There’s a lot to experience the distinct sound of someone putting down a glass, but its super strange because there is never anyone up there. Another cool thing that happens here frequently, is people experiencing the sensation of being touched, so a lot of people have been touched on the back, on the hair, and on the hands as they’re just, sort of, sitting at the bar, having a drink. So I think we might pitch up at the top and try a spirit box session.

This is a spirit box session in the downstairs bar area of the Cathedral House Hotel, Glasgow.

Hi, my name is Amy. Are there any spirits around that want to communicate? Could you please come closer and tell me your name? Why are you at this hotel? There’s a fox out there. See him?

Oh yeah.

Is that a fox?

Yeah, oh there he goes

Where’s he going? Where’s he going? Where’s he going? Where’s he going?

Sorry guys. If someone is in this room with me, could you please come close and tell me your name? Are there any children here with me?

Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.

Is there a little boy here?

Alright, so we got the downstairs area, of the hotel, to ourselves. That was, behind me is the bar that we were just in. To my right is the cellar, and I wanna have a look down there. So there’s no ghost stories down here, that I know of, but it’s a bit scary. Your head there. So, its looks like they have a Halloween decoration at the back here. And this is their keg cooler. Its pretty dark. [inaudible 00:08:50]

Alright, so that was the cellar, but this is the place I am really interested in. This is the very famous staircase where a lot, majority of the paranormal activity is said center on. So this is where the boy haunts and I think that we might sit here for a little bit and see if we can do an EVP and a spirit box and try and reach out.

So I am now sitting on the staircase where that little boy is said to hangout. I’m going to try a spirit box and see how we go with that. Hello my name is Amy. Is there anybody around that wants to talk? Are there any kids here? I heard there’s a little boy that likes hangout in this area.

Alright guys I am still sitting the staircase at the Cathedral House Hotel and this time I’m going to try an EVP and see how we go with that. Hi is there anybody here that wants to communicate? What is that noise?

Sound like a toilet flushing downstairs?

Yeah, it sounds like, should we go down and have a look? So, maybe you should go in there because that’s the dudes toilet. We were sitting upstairs, there’s no one else downstairs here at all, that we know of, and we’re hearing the toilets flush, down here in the bar area. Sounds like waters running in there, now too.

I can check it out.

Yeah you go in there first, in case there’s…

So the urinal, is like filling up as if it has been flushing.

So you think its been flushed? Do they auto do that? Every now and then?

I don’t know. Let me check. Doesn’t look automatic to me.


Though it’s leaking.


Come on then. You shouldn’t be in here. That scared the (beep) out of me.

I think I just walked in on a ghost taking a leak. I don’t know if they are on some kind of auto sensor

I didn’t see one in there though and it looked pretty, it looked like an older one.

Yeah, again I don’t know if they are on an auto sensor or what, but that thing has bee flushing by itself.

So this is the restaurant slash function area. It looks like someone just had a hippie party. Its pretty cool, check this out. The love bus. I’m not aware of any particular haunting stories that go on in here, but binners were in here so, maybe we try spirit box or yeah see if we can move some of these balloons or something.

Okay I’m going to start talking to this balloon and ask someone to move it though its already moving, so I don’t know how legitimate an experiment this is. If there’s any spirits in this room, could you step up to this table and use your energy to move this balloon? Can you blow it off of the table? Can you move it a bit more than that, so that we know you’re here? I don’t think this is going…

Yeah I don’t think this balloon experiment has any scientific backing whatsoever.

Possibly too many balloons in the room. Alight, I think we should do a spirit box then.

Alright, I am in the function hall slash restaurant area of, do you hear that?

Probably just the wood creaking.

Yeah, I keep hearing noises over here, of the Cathedral House Hotel. We are going to try and do a spirit box in this room. Are there any spirits in this room with me? If you want to communicate, can you come closer and talk to me? What is your name? Why are you here at the hotel?

To see things. To see things. To see things. To see things.

Are you happy to be here? Were you ever a prison inmate? Can you tell me how you died? Were you drowned?

So the Cathedral House Hotel is behind me. I am leaving it right now. It’s about two in the morning. Gonna go for a walk to the only part of the Duke Street Prison that is left, one of its walls and we’re gonna to try to reach out there.

It’s freezing.

So guys, I am at the prison wall. It’s kinda too windy for an EVP and I also don’t wanna do spirit box because I’m actually surrounded by apartments everywhere and it is two am. Hate to wake anybody up, but it is creepy being out here. What is this?

Little face, that’s creepy.

That is probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you did enjoy this video, give it a like. Comment below if you noticed anything creepy or you know of any other Glasgow ghost stories. Also, make sure to subscribe because I have a video on the Glasgow Necropolis coming really soon. It is currently pretty close. It is currently pretty close to 3 am and that is actually where I am heading now. Remember, until next time, stay spooky.