Kevin Bridges – Glasgow terrorist attack

We would read about a racial animosity in this city, in Glasgow. When we get a terrorist attack. Remember that? Glasgow Airport. We’ve got our own Glasgow terrorist attack. Aren’t you proud of that? Kind of put us on the map.

Islamic fundamentalist attacked New York, Madrid, London, and then Glasgow. You are fucking flattered.

My dad had a tear in his eye. “It’s a proud day son.” Right, so it’s on the Telly. “Look, I’ve been there. I’ve parked there.”

And everybody had a laugh, but terrorism does have a negative side. That kind of racial divide. I’ve witnessed this first-hand on a train going down south. On this train just me sitting here, and a middle aged guy sitting just a long about. A couple of stops later are women of Asian appearance boarding the train and sat beside the middle aged guy, who immediately stood up and walked away.

You ever seen that film Snakes On A Plane? This was Jakes on a train. That’s funny right?

Both of these guy stood up and just walked away and sat beside me. And started to nudge me. That real scumbag presumes that you’re also going to be a scumbag.

Nudging me and he’s pointing. He said “I don’t fancy sitting beside her pal. No chance. She’ll be one of those suicide bombers. I’m taking no chance here.”

I thought, I can see the logic here mate. You thought she might be a suicide bomber so you’ve came and sat four seats away.

Seriously underestimating the power of Syntax.

Think she’s got a stink bomb?

This is the Jihad for Allah. Oh it’s fucking [inaudible 00:02:47].

Open that window, smelly Taliban bastards.

That is disgusting. Somebody got a can of Febreze? There’s been a terrorist attack.