Top 10 THINGS to do in GLASGOW Scotland Travel Guide

What’s up guys? Welcome back to our channel. In today’s video we are doing a top 10 things to do in and see in Glasgow. Glasgow’s our city, so we’ve come up with this list to pretty much showcase things that we think that tourists would like to come and see in our city. For any price and information of that, it does vary between attractions. Some are free, some are paid, so for information like that, we are going to throw it into the description below. We’ve also linked all the websites in the description, so check them out. But let’s just get right into the top 10.

In at number 10, we’ve got The Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has a visitor’s centre and an exhibition space situation right in the city centre of Glasgow.

The Lighthouse is free to enter and depending on how much reading you want to do, you can spend anywhere from one to two hours here. There’s a lot of cool and interesting exhibits to see relating to architecture and design. It’s kind of a central hub for design and creative industries in Glasgow.

One of the big selling points about The Lighthouse, is it’s got a really amazing viewing platform. You can get a lift up to the sixth floor, that gives you great views of the city. And there’s also a Mackintosh Tower, which obviously as you can see from the footage, there’s a big spiral staircase which takes you right up to the top canopy of all the buildings of Glasgow. And you get a 360 view of the city, which is just incredible.

This gives you loads of photo opportunities from between the viewing platform and the Mackintosh Tower.

Coming in at number nine is The Glasgow Science Centre. It’s located on the outskirts of the city centre and it’s only five pounds and a taxi if you’re leaving from the city.

Prices vary here. This is a paid attraction by age groups and there’s add-ons depending how much you want to do in the centre. As we said, link in the description gives you a full table breakdown of that. The Glasgow Science Centre is split up over three floors and has over 300 interactive attractions within. So there really is something for everyone. It caters for all age groups and [inaudible 00:02:18] knowledge of science.

There’s also a place called the Planetarium which is a visual representation of space and the cosmos. And it’s a really, really interesting way to learn a lot more about the universe. There’s also a shop and a café attached, as well as IMAX cinema. This is really innovative and it can take all day or a few hours depending on what you want.

In at number eight we’ve got Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, which is located in the west end of Glasgow which is just a short distance outside of the city centre. And it’s Scotland’s most visited free attraction and it’s really not hard to see why.

It’s got 22 themed art galleries and it’s also got 8,000 individual objects on display.

The museum is split into really well organized sections that has maps and artwork on the wall showing you all the different sections. So it’s really easy to navigate out in the museum.

Also again, this is a place that you could literally spend all day in, as there is so much to see. So there is a lot of café right as you come into the museum, so you can get your breakfast or your lunch.

Coming in at number seven is the Tennents Brewery, otherwise known as the Wellpark Brewery. It is the home of tennents, which is an iconic Scottish beer, a personal favorite of mine and it’s actually one of Scotland’s most well-known brands.

The brewery offers tours and both me and [Gabe 00:04:05] have done it on separate times. We both had a really positive experience. They take you out and about, really knowledgeable tour guides. You can ask a lot of the [inaudible 00:04:12]. It’s really interesting and actually touched on some of Scottish culture and some of Scottish history within the tour.

There’s been over 450 years of brewing at the Tennents Brewery so you can imagine there’s quite a lot of information. They’ve got loads of memorabilia as well dating back from the first ever advert or commercial, which Americans call, all the way up to current times. They’ve got all the old packaging and it’s really interesting just seeing how cultures change throughout the years and how the advertising world has changed.

In at number six on our list the Necropolis slash Glasgow Cathedral. This is located just behind Tennents, so if you want to do the Tennents tour, it’s super easy to fit in the Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral into your day as well. The Necropolis is one of Europe’s most significant cemeteries and it’s been commonly known as Victorian city of the dead.

There is tour maps to guide you around the cemetery but you can obviously go off and do it at your own pace. It’s really interesting to gather some of the history to see some of Glasgow’s most significant figures.

As you can see from the video, the Glasgow Cathedral is absolutely stunning. The architecture is amazing.

The Necropolis and the Glasgow Cathedral is stunning and it’s just something that we recommend going to check out, even if it’s only for half an hour.

Number five on the list is the Hop on Hop off Bus. It’s the iconic big red bus that you see in loads of major cities around the world. I’ve personally been on one in Berlin, Barcelona, et cetera. And the one in Glasgow sticks to the high standards that I’ve experienced around the world. It offers a unique way to get around the city and you get to see most of the significant sites around the city on the bus.

They offer both on top and closed roof buses depending on the weather because Scotland is after all known for its rainy climate at certain times of the year. As I said, 21 stops and you get to see pretty much all the most significant parts of Glasgow and all of this top 10 are featured on that list. We’ve got a link down below of all the destinations so if you want to take advantage of that, click on the link below.

There’s two tours on offer. There’s the live guide which is obviously more interactive and allows you to ask questions and get feedback. Or there’s the audio guide, which comes in a variety of languages. They are English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and Polish. So there really is a wide range of languages covered.

We think it’s one of the best ways to see the city. There’s one and two a day tickets on offer. And again, all the places are in the description below.

In at number four on our list is Ashton Lane. Ashton Lane is a cobbled street in the west end of Glasgow, which is filled with quirky bars and restaurants. And it also has its own independent cinema.

We recommend going to Ashton Lane in the evening as there’s a canopy of fairy lights that hang above the lane. And obviously at nighttime it looks really picturesque when these are all lit up. Hashtag Instagram bangers.

Next up at number three on the list is the Riverside Museum. It’s one of the most visually stunning museums from the outside in Scotland as you can hopefully see in some of the drone shots that we captured outside there. It was voted museum of the year back in 2013. And when you go inside, it’s not really hard to see why that happened.

It has an array of vintage Glasgow charms, bicycles. It even has an old police car within. And it’s really interesting to see how things have changed over the years.

Again, this museum is free. And think it offers one of the best values for your time to spend here. It’s really interesting. There’s some interactive for the kids, and there’s plenty of interesting things for the adults. So it really has something for all the family. Plus it’s directly next to a place called the tall ship and the Glasgow Tower, which is a lot of attractions within the top 10. But they’re also nearby, so why not cut them up and spend a bit longer in this location?

In at number two on our list is the famous Botanic Gardens, again, based out in the west end of Glasgow.

The Kibble Palace which is situated inside the Botanic Gardens is a huge glass house that features some of the most exotic plants all over the world.

It’s like a greenhouse but on roids. Again, this glass house is free to enter and it’s something really worth seeing. There’s some really interesting sculptures and some other bits of information dotted around the glass house. Like any other park, there’s several places that you can sit and eat your lunch. And there’s even a wee café if you don’t bring your lunch, which has an array of sandwiches, coffee, cakes, anything like that. If you’re out in the west end checking out any of the other attractions like Ashton Lane, which is really close to the botanic gardens, we’d really recommend going, even if you’re only spending an hour to check out some of the exotic plants.

In at number one on the list is the GOMA, it’s called the Gallery of Modern Art. It is four art galleries within. Quite interesting, we didn’t spend a hell of a long time in there but there’s some good opportunities, there some good architectural sites and a lot of really interesting artwork.

Also an added bonus here is directly outside it is the Duke of Wellington, which is world famous for having a traffic cone on its head, which offers a great photo opportunity if you visit Glasgow. It’s iconic, it’s also right in the heart of the Glasgow city centre. So it means that the likes of George Square is nearby, loads of bars and restaurants directly outside that. It’s easy access to absolutely every one of our top 10 from this location.

So that was our top 10 Glasgow. Hope you enjoyed it. If there’s anything that you think we’ve missed, then let us know. If you’ve been to any of these places, then let us know what you thought. Hope you found it really useful. We enjoyed making it. We got to see some of Glasgow that even we hadn’t seen. If you’ve got any ideas of other places we can visit around Scotland indeed the UK as a whole, we want to branch out [inaudible 00:10:25] video bringing that cinematic [inaudible 00:10:27] into it, then let us know. We’re really excited to go out and explore our country and promote it to the world.

I know a lot of you guys have been getting our comments, our fellow Scottish have been coming over, helping spread the word of our beautiful country. We super appreciate it and if you’ve made it this far, you’re a total G. We want to get our view time up, we want to get started promoting Scotland, we want to start taking over YouTube. Drop a sub, drop a like, hell drop a dislike. We don’t care. Just any interaction is good and let us know what you think.