Top Glasgow Instagram Spots – #1 Travel Guide

Oh, hey. Any way I can angle this so there’s only like one chin in the picture? I think that’s going to be impossible. No watershed moment in my life. So, can we-

A watershed moment?



Like there’s a transition lane and everything’s going to be different after this. Were you old enough? I suppose you didn’t really watch TV when you were younger, but a watershed?

I don’t watch TV when I was younger.

Yeah. Hippies don’t watch TV. It was like nine o’clock was the watershed, and that’s when you can start seeing all the fun stuff.

I know what the watershed is.

Okay. That wasn’t true.

That’s still a thing, now?

It still exists to this day. Back in my day. I haven’t even started the video yet. Okay. Roll the intro.

So, we’re just going to have to put with this noisy road sweeper machine in the distance, because there’s not much I can do about it. But, me and Chloe are out on reasonably bright Sunday. I expected it to be a little quieter during this way, because I was … this is round about the courthouse here in Glasgow. I was here a couple of weeks ago as a jury member, not as a criminal. I assure you. I didn’t get selected.

But, what I noticed is, there’s a lot of nice buildings around here. There’s a range of [inaudible 00:01:14] colored building. There’s a pink building a street over. Even the actual courthouse itself, is quite nice. I don’t know if we’ll be able to go up there. I don’t think there’s any gates, but I just don’t want to be that suspicious by taking pictures of a courthouse. I can just imagine that not ending well, and having a discussion about the Terrorism Act. So, I’ll play it by ear. But we’re going to show you some really nice photos spots right about this side. And this-


Spots. Photo spots. If you ever come to Glasgow, we’ve got photo spots. And then afterwards, we go back to Sweden.

I can’t fucking speak anymore. No, we got some … Show you some photo spots, around the way. This will be kind of the south bit of town over the bridge over there on the river, which I’d show you, but there’s people there and I don’t want to get them in the shot. Then you’ve got the south part of town. Like you’ve got the entrance to scenic and those places. So we’re not a million miles from town. But, we’ll show you spots around here, other things we notice, and just go out and explore and see what we can find.

I was just going to say, we wanted to make it a little series to show a good places to take photos for Instagram.

Yes. Yeah.

Because there’s not a lot of information online about that kind of thing. So we just going to do that miniseries and show different spots. So we’ll start in town, and we’ll do west end as well, and probably the south side as well. That’s what this video is going to be about, Instagram.

Yeah, because I don’t think there will be enough … too much to do on one video. But this way we can do different areas and different regions, and slowly work our way around. I did actually mean to say that, so thank you Chloe. You compliment me well. But yeah, so we’ll start down this way. Let’s go see what we can find. Let’s go.

We’re on our way at the first spot now. Here’s what happens when you use Instagram too much. Everywhere you go you start looking for photo spots. Anyway, as soon as I saw this building, I was like, “Oh that’s pink. Oh, there’s a yellow Fiat 500 with so let’s go see if we can get a shot of it.”

You get this whole wall all the way down here. Nice spots. I’m thinking let’s go for the bigger chunk that we don’t have no loading any time soon.

I’ll bring you back once we’re into the next spot.

Okay, on a little bit here that we’re going to teach you about. My hat is comparatively squinty. As this is the section down at basic Glasgow Central Mosque is on the other side of me, facing it in back of me we get to say. So you got all the bridges on that side.

You got the churches and everything over there. You got the skyline and usually you can frame it so you can get the bridge and the tower in as well. We got some nice shots involving a lamp posts. I couldn’t film it today because I was in a rush to get it done because there was people moving everywhere.

I think what we need to do now is we need to go backwards. So let’s go backwards. We’ll see you then.

This is the Tiger, which is just over the river from where we were at the court house. It’s done by Art Pistol a couple years ago. It’s still in pretty good shape. You can always see people taking Instagrams at it and everything and get your pictures taken. Look, a whole bunch of people coming now, which we’ll probably need to clear out for because they’re probably all going to want a picture of it.

But it’s a really nice spot. I’ll put a little mark on the map, on Google Maps in the description. That way you know exactly where it is spot. I think it’s [actually’s effect 00:06:10].

I want to get pictures in that bridge over there and on this black wall right next to the Tiger. That’s all.

That was just a little snippet of the spots roundabout. So, courthouse here on Colton Street. The office is behind it. Don’t forget the mosque over there, Central Mosque and just over the river this section here.

That’s just a tiny little snippet of the whole city. We’ve still got the center part of town, north part of town, the complete West End. There will be some nice ones in Finnieston. Including part of Finnieston we can [inaudible 00:06:50]. Get all of those ones. I guess some of those have changed since the last time we did a whole series of pictures there, so.

Any other places we’re getting south side?

Yeah. It may not be whole a miniseries. We’ll just do different spots in Glasgow that are good for taking photos for Instagram and stuff. This is just the first step is all.

First step is all.

It’s what I been wanting to do for a while, so it’s nice that we got it started. The Mural Trail’s probably something you can do separately. I don’t think we need to do that for this channel because that’s already been done by the council itself because that will look today and they’ve got their own video for it.

But I will include a link for Mural trail because when we were over at the Tiger earlier, that I saw on Google Maps, so I’ll link it to that and how to get to the rest of the murals from Mural trail as well.

We got ourselves back. Probably got the gem, but there’s no point in filming that, so.

We’ll see you later. Bye.

Bye, Chloe. I’m [inaudible 00:07:43] to Chloe. Chloe, bye. Get out of the car.

No. You called my bluff. Stay in the car. No, so, we’ll see you guys later. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching and see everyone later, Bye-bye. Bye.

Did you hit something? Oh, that thing. Okay. You can hit that.