Welcome to the City of Glasgow College

As principal of the City of Glasgow College, I’m delighted to welcome you to Scotland’s largest and most exciting college with some 32,000 students and over 2000 programs of study. I hope that you’ll make the most of this fantastic learning and personal development opportunity.

At our college, we aim each day to deliver world class learning so that when you graduate, you do so with excellent qualifications and great employment prospects. Over the past few years, we have indeed received many top awards. But what I’m most proud of is the fantastic feedback from our students. For example, in a recent survey, over 90% of students interviewed said that they would recommend this college to a friend.

Our courses are carefully designed in partnership with industry so you’ll experience real life working situations, real world learning, and where we can, real life assignments. These courses are taught in specialist learning environments such as state-of-the-art TV, radio, photography studios, engineering and construction workshops, restaurants and bakeries, hair and beauty salons, gyms and fitness suites, and indeed aircraft and ship simulators to name but a few.

Your future education and training success is our number one priority. But remember too that coming to college is also a chance for a new start, new friends, and dare I say it, a new social life. I’m sure you’ll find along the way all that you need at the City of Glasgow College to help you achieve your career goals. But if along the way you need an additional helping hand or a sympathetic listening ear, we have an excellent support team who are ready and willing to help you.

Finally, can I wish you every success on your course. Thank you.

Hi, I’m Gavin Quinn and I’m your student president. Throughout your time here at City of Glasgow College, you’re gonna face different challenge and have different experiences. It is very important to the staff that your time here is positive and rewarding as possible. And that all your efforts are not going unnoticed.

We recognize everyone here is different and everyone has different needs. What we’ll do is cater for absolutely everyone. Also we believe everyone is equal and that we’ve all equally earned a place here at City of Glasgow College. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what campus you’re at. What matters is you’re here to learn. At the end of the day, we’re here to learn. Not just to study.

Hi, my name’s Walter Winn and I’m studying NPA carpentry and joinery at Rogart Street College.

Hi, my name is Gulnasheen Shahid.

Hi, my name is Ahmad Makkieh and I’m from Syria.

Hi, I’m Michelle Stevenson and I’m doing NQ construction crafts.

I’ve been in student services lots of times to get help with making CV and job applications. Before I came to the college, I couldn’t really make a CV or know how to make a CV. I went in and I got help on how to do it professionally and make it so that the employers would take notice of what I was putting down and the work experience I had done when I’d left school.

The student services are really easy to talk to, easy to approach. Really helpful, will help with any problems that you have. And I’m going back in summer to do NQ carpentry and joinery and I’d have no problems going back to student services for any help I would need in the future.

Student services helped me with my dyslexia. They helped me by giving me a laptop that read out to me. And they gave me a pen that recorded the lectures. Whereas when I was in class, I couldn’t keep up with my writing. So they kind of helped me catch up like that.

The student service of the city of Glasgow College guided me through my application SAAS funding. I’m very thankful to City of Glasgow College for all the help and the guidance they have provided me to successfully finish my degree.

I’m epileptic, which can be quite … It can be traumatic more so with the job that I do. But I have a meeting once a month and they give me all the support that I need. I was really struggling financially and I thought I was gonna have to leave college. But due to student services, I don’t have to because they help me out with hardship, which meant I could remain at college and go further on in my next year.

Qualifications are important. That’s why we’re all here. However, there’s another side to college life. You can meet new people and try new things. This is not only fun, but it also helps you become a more rounded individual which will help you in the future.

We aim to get everyone involved as much as possible. So you’ll see me throughout the year running about and I look forward to that. At the end of the day, we’re here working for you. So help us help you to a better future and a great year. See you around.